How can non-smurf trollers and inters be above bronze?

So I have just played a ranked match in which our botlane gave first blood to the enemy in the first minute. Then, all of a sudden, our Miss Fortune started flaming Morgana, but kept playing. In only 5 minutes, Morgana was 0/2, and MF was 0/3, and then MF claimed that she can't play with a support who "only feeds and flames" even though MF had more deaths than Morgana... And THEN, she just came toplane, at 7 minutes, took all my farm and xp, and didn't leave my lane. Everyone asked her what's her problem, but she acted like a total 9 yo (maybe she was it after all), she couldn't say an actual reason, just kept saying how awfully Morgana plays and ruins her lane. This was in a Gold 1 match, which I know is nowhere near high elo, but come on, how do such bad-tempered and easily tilted people remain high gold players??? She was not smurfing, and didn't plan to troll, she just got triggered and ruined an entire ranked game for 9 other people...
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