Yet another example of the community's lowest of the lows. V2.0

So I gave another go to solo queue. This is what I get. Still no change in the community. This guy spam pinged my Ghost on Mundo during the first second in the game. Then commented saying "this elo". Then proceded to lose the game by continuously verbally abusing his team mates and refusing to actually try to win. He even laughed in the middle of a fight instead of actually, you know, fight! Gatzurion: 100% troll panth, please report ... Him: report yourself mundo Another team mate: panth was toxic honestly Enemy player: then i can report him Gatzurion: not only was he toxic, I'm telling you he intentionally lost this 100% Him: report leblanc too Gatzurion: he kept spamming "skip go to next this is over" Him: lol mundo get e life Gatzurion: and stuff like that Gatzurion: I have a life, that's why the 30 minutes I decide to use here Gatzurion: I don't want an idiot to waste 'em ** Him: then change game** Gatzurion: time is precious, you'd know that if you had something to do with it other than troll people's games **Him: lol is full of idiots Him: deal with it and stfu** Gatzurion: and this is exactly why you are bannable Gatzurion: enjoy your post to the forums Him: wow plz dont Him: i beg you **Him: just change game** Riot. Come on... Is this what you want your game to be known for?
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