Stop saying "EZ"! It's disrespectful!

I don't know wo started the trend of saying "EZ" _(easy)_ in /all chat, but this, hands down, the single most annoying and disrespectful thing to say to a person. Alright, you got the better team comp, you got more CC, you have a smurf in your team, or maybe you are the smurf. **DROP YOUR EGO AND RESPECT OTHER PLAYERS! ** The summoner code clearly says: "_Be humble in victory and graceful in defeat_". Not: "_Be a douchebag in victory and an even bigger douchebag in defeat_". Because, let's face it, the people who say "EZ" are usually the ones who will trash talk their teammates when the game doesn't look so "EZ". **RESPECT THE OTHER PLAYERS!** At the end of the day we are all still human. We all make mistakes that any human can make. So next time you think your game is "EZ", don't say "EZ"! Instead say something that's not offensive. Like _"Better luck next game"_ or _"You'll improve"_. Or don't say anything at all. I've played against opponents who are not exactly the most skilled ones, but i never say "EZ" "izi" or "delete lol noob"or stuff like that. You know why? Because {{champion:43}}. Becuase it's 100% possible i can be in their shoes! Because i too am not a master at every champion and i too can fail. And when these people are on your team, **DON'T TRASH THEM AND THREATEN WITH REPORTS!** Instead, give them tips, or tell them to play safe. **NO GAME IS A 100% LOST UNTILL YOU SURRENDER AND DECIDE IT IS! ** Thank you for taking your time to read this thread, and i hope to see more competitive spirit and less "EZ"in my games. _Almighty. :)_

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