Indefinite ban of Tyler1..

Alright, just to start. Tyler1 is a streamer who one-tricks Draven and got several times permanently banned by trolling (open mid, feeding intentionally) and being toxic to his teammates. He got 19 times permanently banned. He is a master tier player. After that, he started to mute all enemy players and behave very well to his teammates or atleast tried because his team knew who he was and tried to unleash the beast in him to let him flame all the time. The decision that Riot made against Tyler1 is just totally berzerk. This makes me really sad that Riot Games is defending their pro-players like C9 Jensen en Hai, Meteos from being toxic to people and let them buy accounts but players who don't have any meanings in their eyes like Gross Gore or Tyler1 will be just banned and get punished for it. Not forget to mention that other pro-players were mad and jealous that Tyler1 took so many viewers from them when he came online just because he was more entertaining. You made me disappoint and a lot of other players too.
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