hey guys can you check if thats in for a permaban

Game 1 Pre-Game Craxyy: hahah Craxyy: you banned Craxyy: my ekko Craxyy: now gg :) Craxyy: nah Craxyy: i go jngl Craxyy: soraka Craxyy: :) Craxyy: she is the one from lasg game Craxyy: i know it Craxyy: nah Craxyy: i go jngl Craxyy: man Craxyy: im jngl Craxyy: if you took my role Craxyy: its reportable In-Game Craxyy: why did you take my role Craxyy: rep noc taking my role Craxyy: and urgot bannign my champ Craxyy: ? Craxyy: Dude Craxyy: Did you ask for jngl Craxyy: no Craxyy: i was jngl Craxyy: you trolledpicked me :D Craxyy: and now want to rep me Craxyy: why me Craxyy: then rep urgot Craxyy: can i have some farm Craxyy: im not that fast Craxyy: as him Craxyy: dude he took my farm Craxyy: dude Craxyy: wtf Craxyy: why Craxyy: guys noc takes Craxyy: everything from me Craxyy: and they all flame me Craxyy: when im jngl Craxyy: can i have Craxyy: some farm Craxyy: pls Craxyy: man Craxyy: dont troll me Craxyy: so much Craxyy: dude Craxyy: what role am i >> Craxyy: ? Craxyy: no Craxyy: dude Craxyy: i paly soraka Craxyy: jngl Craxyy: iis ti my fault ? Craxyy: akali Craxyy: tell is it my fault ? Craxyy: and how is it my fault Craxyy: he took Craxyy: mt farm Craxyy: and im behind now Craxyy: what can i do Craxyy: nah dude Craxyy: noc Craxyy: man Craxyy: why Craxyy: did you take my fole Craxyy: role Craxyy: wht Craxyy: did i do Craxyy: pls man Craxyy: stop taking the farm Craxyy: im almost 6 Craxyy: pls man Craxyy: i beg you Craxyy: stop Craxyy: trolling my jngl Craxyy: bro Craxyy: pls Craxyy: stop Craxyy: im jngl Craxyy: go supp Craxyy: nov Craxyy: noc Craxyy: pls man Craxyy: stop it Craxyy: pls Craxyy: why Craxyy: noo Craxyy: pls Craxyy: i need gold Craxyy: ikd Craxyy: idk Craxyy: you ban my champ Craxyy: you flame me Craxyy: you take my role Craxyy: you take my farm Craxyy: why Craxyy: i did nothing to you guys Craxyy: yes Craxyy: why Craxyy: i did nothing to be trolled Craxyy: no Craxyy: i was jngl Craxyy: i can play soraka jngl Craxyy: too Craxyy: look my history Craxyy: so Craxyy: you want to say Craxyy: that Craxyy: banning my champ Craxyy: and taking my role and jngl Craxyy: is not Craxyy: ? Craxyy: is my fault Craxyy: i cant do nohting Craxyy: if Craxyy: i have no farm Craxyy: ofcours i will be useless Craxyy: im jngl man Craxyy: you cant decide what i want to play Craxyy: on jngl Craxyy: do i decide somthing Craxyy: for you >? Craxyy: who is talking to you Craxyy: sivir man Craxyy: did you see me playing soraka jngl Craxyy: to speak ? Craxyy: i got no chance Craxyy: to show Craxyy: noc is supp Craxyy: that took my camps Craxyy: ... Craxyy: ok Craxyy: im on role Craxyy: i have smite Craxyy: i said no Craxyy: when they asked me for jjngl Craxyy: im right Craxyy: by the rules Craxyy: of the game Craxyy: im the jnglr Craxyy: ok Craxyy: yes Craxyy: Rep me Post-Game Craxyy: i did nothing Craxyy: im the jngl man Craxyy: i can play whatever i want jngl Craxyy: noc Craxyy: took my camps Craxyy: rep him too then Craxyy: am i the jngl Craxyy: tell em Craxyy: me
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