I want to tell you something positive I learned in my last game.

It all starts with a simple mistake, be it loosing a dragon/baron or a turret. People get filled with negativity. They just won't accept that they are loosing their lead / enemies are increasing their lead. And that is not hard to understand, from reading threads here. I got the role of ADC, with my dear duo-partner joining me as a support in botlane. We ended up with Lucian and Braum, champions we're experienced with and know inside out. We don't do much in lane, it's pretty much a passive lane, with a few brutal trades every now and then. We got a couple of kills on them, and the turret, but nothing more. We weren't close to snowballing. Then, we started to group, and fight as a team. We got turrets, some dragons, and 2 inhibitors. It felt really good. We were far ahead. Eventually, that led to some players being a bit too confident in their own damage and survival. The enemies catched several of us running around, and our lead began to fade slowly. We lost a baron, we lost a dragon. We lost 3 turrets and 2 inhibs. By this time, I had 4 completed items, and could deal tons of damage. But that alone wasn't convincing for our teammates, who began to lose hope for this game. Their focus fell off, and they kept running out, trying to catch a poor enemy off guard. While we were all pretty good fighters, the enemies always ran around as a group, or at least stayed close to one another. Our jungler, Lee Sin, then proceeded to yell at us. Telling us we were about to lose the game. At first, I ignored it, knowing that saying against him would only result in him fighting back. So I shut my fingers on my Q/W/E/R keys and kept playing, defending the base to the best of my potential. We lost another dragon. Lee kept on screaming at us that we were loosing the game. It was a mess really. Then, when the enemies came to take us out, I told everyone how I believe that the teamfight should be played out, and my teammates agreed. Lee was still pissed, and even said he'd go afk. But in the fight, he eventually joined us, yet slacked a ton compared to earlier. But with my dear Braum at my service, I got a tripple kill, and we got out even, ending in 3 of us dead, 3 of them. During that time, all I said was "It's not over yet", "We can do this" and "They haven't won yet!". After the teamfight, Braum and I managed to take one inhib (all of ours had respawned by now), and I got a double kill while they only got Braum. Then our teammates began to play again. Lee didn't say a word except for "gj", and no one was flaming anymore. After that fight, they realized that we we're not done for. And 2 teamfights after, we won the game in a base-race. **** It was then I learned that when a game seems to be lost, the _real carry_ is the one who keeps the atitude up, who fights untill the nexus falls, who does anything he/she can to win the game, regardless of the current situation. It's not about always making the right call, it's not about making all the sick plays. It's about staying strong and making sure you raise your team's morale to a level where they keep trying to win the game. After all, League is a _team game_. Even though I'm still a piece of shit stuck in silver, staying positive has never been as rewarding as today. _TL;DR: _ Just read it.
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