Support main hates adcs

I think I'm in a bit of a pickle now. Last week, I started to really hate everyone who plays adc. I feel like I keep getting matched with the worst of the worst this role has to offer. Most of the time it's Ezreals or Jhins but there is also the occasional Varus or Jinx mixed in... They usually do at least one of the following things: They spam the ? whenever I do something they perceive as wrong like "hitting a minion for faster levelup" or "not landing a hook" or "not even bother trying to land many hooks against vayne/sivir/ezreal+morgana" Stay outside of XP range under tower as soon as they are "fed up with the useless support" They chat/complain instead of cs'ing. They randomly engage against a minion disadvantage and try to fight it out. They complain when I get a kill. And at some random point they'll start complaining about wards. I just leave them alone when I'm sure that I'm wasted there and if we win, I'm usually the only one to get an S rank. At first I thought I just got a little bit too sensitive. But I had quite a lot of games like this where I was the only one with an S rank. So weird... Anyone got an idea what to do besides trying to humor them/just muting them at the start of the game/rounding up and shooting all adcs?
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