We will never find true balance...

Sooo... I played here ranked games for a few days and there was so many trolls and flamers... Some of them was feeding hard and flame all game. AND I MEAN NOT JUST HAVING A BAD GAME but just feed on purpose and flame verry hard! Just becouse jg didnt gank or support did something wrong they get tilted and destroy all games. I even dont wanna talk about my lose LP and reason how to climb out of silver with players like that cuz abviously no one cares.. I just wanna say i report those players and enemy team did i know that one game one troll got 8 or 7 reports but guess what? They didnt get any punishment!!! So why we have that useless "report" option if no one of those who ruined my and my team mates games was punished? How that report system works? And relying on boards i can tell that trolls just keep theirs good job by destroy games... Ty riot! (not)
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