I love when players samp hacks when I play blitzcrank and they stay on 3 wards. I love when players complain on forums about bad matchmaking and they fail to do basic things in warding. I am main support in gold and all my games look like this one, while enemy all they did is flame each other for score, nobody even dared to think hmm maybe if we warded or clear wards blitzcrank didn't grab us from tin air, maybe he had wards not haks that he saw our magic bait! Vision score Ward placed And most important control wards. The inability to spend 75 gold for a ward that provide infinity vision (since many times enemy past near them and not clear them) and also protection to see there's no enemy wards round. But in same time complain about others score, about enemy jungle camping and yours not ganking, and many others things but you fail to do basic things to improve your win chance, and not only vision many others. Wards destruction its a different story, there its hard with slow attack speed champs as alistar, blitz to clear many wards with sweeping lense when your allies stay near them and refuse to hit them, you can clear 1-2 wards and then the lens vanish, I compensate for that by keep placing ct wards but still some help would made much more difference since majority of times times your only control ward need to be in another place not use to clear wards.
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