I just got the worst ranked game ever.

Hi I just got placed with an botlane which both pinged several times they had above 1k ping.. also I had a jax in my team which banned my champ in championpick and litterally was ignoring me all game on purpose. (I mean this like when the enemy yorick was pushing in hard behind the 1st line turret which he already had and jax was taking golems.. (so right next to us) I was trying to bait yorick to jax so we could fight Yorick 2 vs 1 and kill him. But jax just finished his golems and as soon as he saw me fighting yorick right next to him he turned around and walked away... I mean like come on how am I suposed to win with a team mate like that...) And I'm not saying this out of rage. I'd just like to have a riot employee check my game and see how unfair it was and give me back my promotional game.. thank you :/
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