League of Botted Accounts

i am currently leveling up a Smurf account a bit and almost every game theres tons of Bots , please do something , if i hadnt bought a boost i would have already rage quitted , in the last 5 Games i had : a Brand with 0 / 13 / 0 , a 0 / 12 / 1 Jinx that even DC'ed VERY early ( however no Bot left the Match aswell , was a fun 4v5 ( not ) and a Game with a 0 / 7 / 2 Sejuani ( i bet if she wouldnt have been on my Lane she would have died three times as much ) {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} please Riot , do something against this , i sometimes ( like 1 time out of 40 games) had 1 Bot on this Main account but low levels are just beyond unplayable because of the large amount of bots here is a suggestion what you could do : add an ingame Bot Check , any Player can call a Bot Vote on any Player , the player that got marked as a Bot has to type some Captcha in Chat the next time he dies or else he cant respawn and gets a 1 Day ban on the Account ( the Captcha doesnt even have to be hard to read , just so a bot cant do it , if the Player doesnt solve the Captcha within 1 Minute , he gets punished and others can just leave the Game without any Leaver buster actions ( in case its a Bot Game) or maybe not a Capcha but some other kind of thing a Bot wont be able to solve its just redartet to was such a long time on Bot Games ( 1 Bot Game with a DC'ed bot lasted more than 40 Minutes )

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