I reached Diamond 3 AGAIN/Talking about New Season Reward system

http://i.imgur.com/0Bsiz0T.png I got to diamond 3 on my smurf ;3 So hyped. Will try to go d2 before season ends. and I felt like I'd talk a bit about new season reward system too. as you know in the past we didnt have tiered borders, but now we do. and the reason Im happy about this is Because It motivates a lot of people not to just stay at the bottom tier of the division but to climb higher and compete. now you might say it promotes toxicity but thinking about it, what doesnt? Divisons promote toxicity, even win/loss promotes toxicity doesnt mean it shouldnt exist does it? so yeah.. Im hyped #Dia3Hype Inb4 someone will say im scrub because I played garen
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