The reportsystem is great but..

I really like that Riot became more strict to when it comes to punishing people with really bad bahaviour. But I feel like there are people that come away with stuff that makes other ''normal players'' feel really bad and have a bad league experience. I wish that there would be an admin in every game watching the whole game so him self could decide which player that deserves a punishment, but that is a kinda hard thing to pull off. But anyways, I think that a lot of players forget to report players that deserves reports which makes the toxic/feeding etc come away. I kinda would like if Riot made another improvement in the tribunal system and that if someone got reported u should get a notification that he got reported( I know that u can see if someone got punsihed but I would like to know the name of the one that got punished. It would make u feel better, because u often remember players with bad bahviour and wish that the never played this game anymore so if u knew that someone got punished that would make u feel much better.
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