I have never asked for a Rioters opinion, please do me the kindness now, after 3-4 years of playing

For me, "toxicity" is a big part of online gaming. The trolls, the ragers, the feeders, lately the disco-nunus, ninjas in WoW, all the language and nerves and augmented feelings that come from playing MMOs, the rage when you are bad, the getting better and more serious, then eventually learning to play and becoming level headed, everything is a huge part of MMOs and eve LoL in general. Two nights ago, my friends challenger SoloQ, midlane disco-nunu, I was on TS with him, we were crying cause we were laughing so hard, and it was challenger soloQ game, for most players it doesnt go higher than that. The guy wasnt even reported, so what he danced and walked around, sure they lost, but eh, he will win the next one. I feel like this LeaverBuster, Player Behaviour, REFORM, is getting a little out of hand. The whole point of gaming is that sense of freedom and badassness, the outlaw flavour of it, while having fun and not doing what you are supposed to be doing in real life (study), and I think that these behavioural measures should not exist, atleast not to this extent. Your name is RIOT GAMES, for the love of god. I mean, what is the point of a soap opera on the TV if all characters live in harmony? What is the point of a world in which everyone thinks the same? I can recall, although im only 21ish years old or something like that, when I was playing WoW, the only thing you could report was basically your account being hacked. And that was it. There were bad players, there were amazing one, some were toxic, some were not, but we all managed to get along. I mean, the guy stole a 0.1% drop rate mount from me, even my EUW account got banned for "something"????, and I was like "HELL YEAH BOY, WHY NOT". I think that many "older" (than me atleast) players/gamers can recall the state of the world 10-15 years ago and today. Why does everything need to be so tightly regulated? Why are we encouraging the playerbase of crybabies and political correctness. I dont know if im allowed to use this kind of language on the forums, but I hope the people in charge will see the point, and not toxicity in this, so let me try. "Oh my God, he just called me a retard, OMG WHY DID HE DO THAT OMG MOM HE CALLED ME A RETARD, YOU ARE GONNA GET BANNED, YOU NEED TO REFORM SON, PLS REFORM, DONT CALL ME A RETARD AGAIN I WILL KILL MYSELF". I honestly do not know a single person who ever got offended by playing League, and every new game was a completely new beggining. Have you ever been offended? And why is that? This PLAYER BEHAVIOUR SYSTEMS remind me in some way of everyday Health&Safety issues and reguations in Europe and USA, and I fail to see any point in that. I mean, do you really need a sticker to tell you not to put your hand in a blender. Do we really need people to get banned in order to make them more politically correct gamers, "please, you are unsportsmanlike, and your teammate isnt clueless, hes just so sensitive, so if you could try to be polite or gtfo". Man, let the people talk to each other, give the chance to the "offended" people to MAN THE F UP, and prepare them for the real life, if they ever go out. I see everyone talking about player experience, and the positive atmosphere and a lot of similar bull, but hey, most people are interested in your gameplay, and do not care about the chat. Man I had good games, bad games, the worst games, I had them all. So I go 0-5-0 on Amumu and the guy tells me "YOU SO BAD", so what, IM NOT DOMINATING, obviously, hes right. Should he be banned for telling me that"cause thats not constructive and encouraging", F NO. He has every right to be angry cause I sucked, and I want the right to be angry when other suck. We all want that, and nothing else. Many time while reading up on these PLAYER BEHAVIOUR SCIENCE, rioters and Lyte mention hate speech, and religious ????(something), and the big no no words like racial slurs or whatever. I HAVE NEVER, in 3 years of playing LoL, ENCOUNTERED HATE SPEECH, RELIGIOUS SOMETHING, OR RACIAL SOMETHING, literally nothing worth the ban. Also, I do report people, but just as an outlet after I lose some sick nasty games, sometimes. I think RIOT games should consider replacing Lyte and the whole department in charge of PLAYER BEHAVIOUR SCIENCE, (which is basically not any kind of science, but eh, I study physics), what do I know about that, with JEREMY CLARKSON and JAMES MAY. That would be something, this is just sad. I just wanna know where all this is going, this post isnt indended to flame anyone, or to rant about my "hard soloQ life". I hope i dont get permabanned for the language that I used, English is my 3rd language so please see through the mistakes. I didnt even lose a game today, I was just wondering. #NEVERTILT #NEVERLOSE I would really like a RIOTer (or a REFORMer) to give me an answer to this question: Why is this behavioural mumbo jumbo here, and do you really think its good? And why is that? Please exclude hate speech and the stuff that doesnt happen, ever. And I can get the existence of LeaverBuster, but the rest is just sad imho. Thanks in advance, CharyGG {{champion:412}}

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