Champ select issues

Hey guys, I've been having troubles with blind pick and I'm sure you have too - At least in my elo I get a lot of trolls that simply won't comply with anyone's preferences/calls , and later flame all game after picking Aatrox support or whatnot just running down lane. So a few hours a day we can play allegedly without these, but it's not true - some of them play **draft pick** for whichever reason, presumably to avoid Support, but get it anyway - giving us the same effect. Can there really be no solution? In **Draft Pick**, can we not have say a vote, where if a player's given role is support, and the other 4 players vote him out, he gets a dodge / penalty / something creative? At the very least, if a player is willing to sully other player's game experience he should be held responsible. I myself can't even find a name to report afterwards - I'm typing this after I've had the same one twice in a row, two innocent players had to dodge in order for the troll to not ruin our game each time. If there's already been a discussion about this please point me to it. Thank you!!
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