Honestly lvl 15-25 games are harder than gold 3-1

I sometimes play with my lvl 24 account to chill a bit and try champions which I usually go 0-10 but things are that at those levels I often meet platinums, diamonds, masters not only winning their lane, they rolfstomp the shit out of their opponent and snowball out of control. Games where there are only new players happen very rarely. The most awful thing is that those smurfs bash you a lot, they shout "ez" and pretend to be new and know anything about the game when someone tells them to take it easy. Lvl 20 games are a lot harder than gold+ games, there's no forgiving for being new, you either get rolfstomped or win the game because someone on your team singlehandedly takes out 3 to 5 enemies.
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