Too many surrenders

Hi, didn't know where it would fit, so i put it in here, because it involves players behaving in a certain way. So i've noticed that way too many games end up with either a surrender right before you are about to take down the enemy nexus or early in the game because most teams, even in unranked, seem to understand when they might not have an edge or they just give up and they surrender. A)it is extremely unproductive and not enjoyable to play at ALL when you constantly can't reap the rewards of your team being better than the enemy team because enemy surrenders. B)Your own team is able to surrender way too early and literally unknowingly ruin the game for your team, because they don't know any better and just surrender because someone got hurt or smth. Someones short term loss in your team should not be a decisive factor to determine your ability to continue to play, because they perceive that short term loss as a failure in the long term and they surrender. C)There are more and more tools out there that tell the players who their counters are and stuff like that- edge is diminishing more and more and out of those few games where enemy is somewhat worse than your team and your team somehow has managed to get it going so to speak and the game is going well for your team, then most likely enemy is just surrendering- what is the point of being good in this game, if anyone can just give up and take your edge and rewards that way?
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