League of Legends: The Ultimatum to toxicity, patch 6.6

Hi all, here i want to highligth my thoughts about what RIOT is trying to do. I've always thought about that to educate someone, the only requerement should never be just punishment, you have to give a positive rewards so people can feel the other side of the "coin". And finally i think RIOT is doing exactly the same thing. Hextech rewards and punishment. *We can see an Ultimatum of RIOT against toxicity, "How's that so ?" ... ·Well, they do not reward players who had "10, 25 chat restrincitons or 15 days ban" until they improve their behavior to positive, which may take from 3 to 9 months (to get punished is really easy, you just need 4 matches of a valid reports against you). This has a bad side, we will see a drastical increment of smurf accounts which will lead to the decay of new players, but will clean the upper levels of toxic players. And i promise you, players will eventually stop being toxic even if they have to pass trought 5-6 more bans of smurf accounts. Dynamic queue. *Everyone is complaining about the dynamic queue and how bad is it, but if you see what everyone says about the community you can find the answer there. "Uh ?" ·You get really bad, troll, feeding and toxic players in your games right ? After you find premades your gameplay experience will change to good, also all those solo toxic players will be left behind and lose elo or probably get a ban. (I am not native-english speaking person, sorry ^^) So guys, give them time, few montsh and you will see how the game community will change.

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