peace proposal

If you want peace and if you want what is best for your game , i give you the last offert of peace , if you really care about your community then you will listen to this message. if you really care and want to estomp toxicity ,thinghs you have to do are here: -toxicity should downrate based on how many days you been staying totally chill , out of problems , let's say like afk punishments. - the permanent bans for flame should have option to be unbanned ,if you show extremly positive behaviour on one of the accounts you achieved honor 5 , that means if you are extremly positive and fixed your problems ,your account should be garanted back !! , there is a solution if you afraid this can be abused , if you get unbanned on a permanent account , if you do anything wrong in about 4-5 months , you get permanent banned back ,if you don't your punishment level reset to normal, is my opinnion about reforming options and a system who creates oportunities ,and advantage for who achieve to reform and be a positive player. I one got punishments for foolish reasons , and received permanent ban for some inappropriate behaviour ,some low low level of negativity... ,and that's my opinnion , if i got banned ,for no reason , then everyone else who feel same ,if he dosn't get justice , will procur his own justice,fact which negatively impact this game again on your normal and positive players. **You sustain in past that you no apply permanent chat bans because you afraid people will troll ,now everyone who give up to care plays and troll ... and you are in the fire of your community guns... , because you just hit a dog and turn it aggresive more than it was... , is like if someone dog barks at you , then if you hit him , he will not bite and attack you again ,that is your believe Riot?**
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