A Guide to Improve Your Behaviour

Hello everybody who reads this, Since there are many “I got banned threads” on the boards, I got the idea to make a guide on how to improve your behaviour when you get banned or chat restricted, due to your behaviour in game. Sometimes you might tend to deny what I'm telling you, but please think about it before saying that something doesn't apply to you. **If you don't want to improve your behaviour you don't need to read this guide. Improving starts with yourself, this is only a guide that can help you improving and reforming.** ---------------------------------------- This guide exists of 5 chapters, each explaining a specific part. However, I recommend reading the entire guide. |Chapter||Title| |:-|:-:|-:| |Chapter I | | What to do when your problem is that you flame back| |Chapter II | | What to do when you have bad teammates| |Chapter III | | You are bored and therefore, you start to annoy people| |Chapter IV | | Things to be aware of| |Chapter V | | Conclusion| ------------------------------- #**Chapter I** > #What to do when your problem is that you flame back The easiest solution when you tend to flame somebody back, is muting the player that is toxic towards you. You aren't able to receive his messages anymore, and you can't get triggered to flame back on him. If you report the player that flames you, he will probably get banned and you won't. If only one remark can cause you to flame somebody back, mute everybody when the game starts by writing “/mute all” in the chat without the quotation marks. To improve your focus on the game you can disable the all chat in the settings. It is a useless chat, that can only distract you and make you upset when there are unsportsmanlike opponents that say easy. **Flaming back doesn't solve anything. It only makes things worse. Never flame back, no matter how much somebody deserves it.** In the end the one who starts flaming gets the reports, if you flame back you are lowering yourself to the level of the flamer and you will get reported as well. ----------------------------------------- #**Chapter II** > #What to do when you have bad teammates Everybody has bad games, you, your teammates and your opponents. And everybody knows how it is to be the feeder himself. Sometimes that feels even worse than having a feeder in your team. You are always playing with some random strangers. They are human so they will make mistakes, as you make mistakes. Even pro players make mistakes. You need to accept that, but remember, you get always matched with yourself, but probably never with the same players again. So it doesn't make sense to flame your teammates because they make mistakes. **If you have nothing to say, don't say anything at all.** If you want to win, it's better to let them play as they do, **because flaming only will make them tilt and play worse.** You don't motivate them to play better or try to make a comeback by raging at them. **Instead of blaming it on your teammates, blame it on yourself.** You are the one that can influence your own performance. Nobody else can do it, so always try to think what you could do better, in order to win. [Here](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/r7tuzbIz-the-story-of-my-6-banned-accounts-and-what-i-did-on-the-7th-one)'s a thread from a player who has always blamed his teammates for losing games, but finally came to the conclusion that blaming it on himself works much and much better and made him play a lot better. It's worth reading it. > Don't play to win. Play to improve. When you improve, you will win more frequently. Just this. You will play with a comfortable mindset. When you aren't focused on winning, but on improving you will feel more relaxed. **Even when you lose you can learn much about the game.** If you can't resist the urge to say something, be really careful in how you say it. If you want to tell something try to bring it as a suggestion. “Maybe you should build this item. It can help our team,” or when it's something regarding fighting strategies that somebody does consistently wrong, tell then “We should….” in stead of “you should…..” It's much less offensive when you criticize yourself as well. Even if you are doing it right in your opinion, say “We.” It's always better to say nothing, but if you really need to say something, say as little as possible. ------------------------------- #**Chapter III** > #You are bored and therefore, you start to annoy people You may ask, why do you make a chapter about this? Well, because there are people who are toxic because of this and come to the boards because they got banned. For those reading this because this really is the reason you got banned, simply find something to do. If you are bored and don't like League anymore and don't have anything else to do, go find some other hobbies. Find another game, search for a nice sport, go read. It doesn't matter what you do, but it's really asocial to make other people feel bad, because you have the problem that you are bored. Please don't say that you don't care about it because you don't know those people. If annoying other people makes you feel good, you really don't have to do something useful. ---------------------------- #**Chapter IV > #Things to be aware of Sometimes you aren't even aware that you are really toxic. Report calling is toxic, saying things like “ez” is incredibly annoying and it's useless to say. When you say: “This isn't enough to get banned,” you admit that you have flamed, are toxic, whatever. There is never a reason to be toxic. You shouldn't make excuses to be toxic, the only you are doing then, is avoiding the confrontation with yourself, and by doing that you will never be able to improve your behaviour. -------------------------------- #**Chapter V** > #Conclusion I hope this guide helps you to reform and become a better player. This is only a guide with general tips that can help you to improve. Always remember that if you want to improve, it starts with yourself. If you don't truly want to improve you behaviour, you never will. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them. Any additions to this guide are appreciated. Good luck on the Fields of the Justice!
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