Nearly everyone in Plat/Gold is like "I am god and u 4 are apes".

Starting from auto filled People into Support roles who never buy Sightstone and wont admit they are "Support" at all to the point of 1/10 Yasuo constandly using All-Chat to brag about how unfair this team is and rito never helping him to win the game. I mean.. wow.. how is there nothing to expell this guys from ranked, not lol at all but ranked. Every other game knows how to deal with inting people, set them a border in normal games they have to overcome to earn the right for ranked again but league is like "Use chat ? Banned forever. Int constandly and have bad player behavior ? Requieres 2000000 Reports to actually trigger something". Pls, enable an option to expell trolls, inters and constandly bad behavior reported guys from Ranked Que until they reformed by some points i am not qualified to consider but jesus.. help me here...
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