Serious BOT problem in co-op

And no, I am not talking about the actual bots, I'm talking about my entire team being comprised LITERALLY of BOT ACCOUNTS. And it's worse than before, I had 3 co-op games (fastest way to finish missions). 1st I had 2 bots on my team, 2nd I had my ENTIRE team comprised of bots, 3rd one was ok, not bots. But then I was gonna get into a 4th one, and guess what: FOUR BOTS. 3 out of 4 games were filled with bots, 2 of which my ENTIRE TEAM was just BOT ACCOUNTS. That's basically 10 bot accounts in just 3-4 games. You need to step up your game, Riot, 'cuz this is getting ridiculous. How do I know they're BOT accounts? They all have ghost and heal as summoner spells, run with the default runes and have those icons of champions that you get from the tutorial (Lux, Darius, MF, Ahri or Master Yi). Before, they used to have a bunch of random letters and numbers, then the names were limited to only 4 letters/numbers, and now it seems that they have advanced, some having first names along with some random letters.
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