Is this a permban worth?

Hey guys, today im permbanned, a toxic guy reported me twice in 2 games because he was so toxic, he blamed everyone on his team, and he was so mad at me and reported me. I will explain everything If you look at game 1, i told thresh what to build, '' stfu man, you are reported'' i talked to Udyr because he blamed me for his own mistake and i dont accep that, I didnt flame any of my teammates only a discussion between me and Udyr, he was writing in all chat if enemy could report me and i explained why what he did, 2nd game, the same udyr playing as pant right now, that guy was mid but he picks jungle for no reason, because of him we had 2 afk. He was crying all game long, I was a little bit mad in that game because if he followed the rules it would be a normal game, that game is finished in 18 min, Enemy was talking in all chat everytime, they said they will report the afkers and i told them that Pant was the big reason why this happend, i told them twice because they didnt listen. 3rd game, Janna was the flamer. He was flaming the whole game, he flamed everybody and calls me toxic in this game. You can see i helped my team saying what they can do, and give them tips. But we had a lucian that was very bad on adc, so i asked enemy if they could report Lucian for inten feed, (assisting enemy), Enemys adc agree with that. I dont know why we only can see our text and not the discussion with our teammates? If you look like this seems like toxic but it isnt.. Im not toxic, i dont flame but i respond like negative way... Sorry for bad english, seems my league ends here. Well goodluck guys dont get banned :) I love EUW such a great community :D Game 1 iplaywithgaren: no iplaywithgaren: take relic iplaywithgaren: braum is agressive iplaywithgaren: you will insta die iplaywithgaren: thresh iplaywithgaren: take locket iplaywithgaren: rammus no flash iplaywithgaren: guys iplaywithgaren: stop talking and pinging iplaywithgaren: pls iplaywithgaren: lemme farm iplaywithgaren: pls iplaywithgaren: dude iplaywithgaren: if someone lens it iplaywithgaren: you know they gonna gank iplaywithgaren: stfu man iplaywithgaren: you are reported iplaywithgaren: again iplaywithgaren: report udyr toxic like last game iplaywithgaren: thx iplaywithgaren: thresh is dead and jumps on a champion that can kite 24/7 iplaywithgaren: and blames team iplaywithgaren: im talking about udyr iplaywithgaren: learn english iplaywithgaren: kid iplaywithgaren: enjoy ban iplaywithgaren: you throwed iplaywithgaren: noobdyr iplaywithgaren: so dont cry iplaywithgaren: thresh was dead iplaywithgaren: and you fight kalista iplaywithgaren: ok iplaywithgaren: pls report udyr iplaywithgaren: toxic iplaywithgaren: i had him in my last game too iplaywithgaren: should dodge iplaywithgaren: damn iplaywithgaren: ask my team iplaywithgaren: who flames iplaywithgaren: if you pick iplaywithgaren: full ad iplaywithgaren: team iplaywithgaren: ban rammus then Game 2 iplaywithgaren: report pant iplaywithgaren: he was mid, picks jungle for no reason iplaywithgaren: open mid go iplaywithgaren: 5 mid thx iplaywithgaren: report all of them pls iplaywithgaren: expect janna iplaywithgaren: pls report pant iplaywithgaren: this guy is the reason why they are afk iplaywithgaren: the big reason iplaywithgaren: he can play only jungle and is plat iplaywithgaren: fck this game dude iplaywithgaren: but can we report this pant 9x times? iplaywithgaren: he was mid iplaywithgaren: picks for no reason pant jungle iplaywithgaren: and yi? iplaywithgaren: afk too iplaywithgaren: im telling you guys iplaywithgaren: pant is the big reason why this happen iplaywithgaren: he was mid iplaywithgaren: bg wp report everybody on this team, im done Game 3 iplaywithgaren: 2 flash down iplaywithgaren: even if they flash iplaywithgaren: there is no one that ganks iplaywithgaren: janna iplaywithgaren: shut up iplaywithgaren: for once iplaywithgaren: ggwp iplaywithgaren: 16cs iplaywithgaren: go bot iplaywithgaren: janna iplaywithgaren: then you ask why lucian recalls iplaywithgaren: he needs help iplaywithgaren: lcuian iplaywithgaren: freeze iplaywithgaren: did he flash? iplaywithgaren: grags iplaywithgaren: need blue iplaywithgaren: drake iplaywithgaren: up iplaywithgaren: b iplaywithgaren: b iplaywithgaren: guys iplaywithgaren: lets finish iplaywithgaren: fast iplaywithgaren: tryn is getting huge iplaywithgaren: drake iplaywithgaren: lucian iplaywithgaren: go huge iplaywithgaren: i can ulti you iplaywithgaren: def blue iplaywithgaren: gragas iplaywithgaren: use command bot iplaywithgaren: .. iplaywithgaren: omg iplaywithgaren: rot bot iplaywithgaren: report lucian iplaywithgaren: thx iplaywithgaren: stfu man iplaywithgaren: youre toxic iplaywithgaren: as hell iplaywithgaren: try to report me iplaywithgaren: lol iplaywithgaren: 325 cs iplaywithgaren: agains t160 iplaywithgaren: is this even normal iplaywithgaren: stun iplaywithgaren: banner? iplaywithgaren: bg

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