I quit reporting people

Why? bcs I feel like players who just play insanely bad (like 0 teamplay, not listening to pings or advice, playing intentionally bad bcs of so called 'tilt', etc. etc.) won't ever get punished for ruining a game. How do I know…? Bcs I actually did it myself a while ago. I played intentionally bad (no teamplay, just going into the enemy team with the excuse that I am trying to learn game mechanics, ignoring team advice and what they were about to do). I did this like 100 games, trolled around in these games and still here we are. 0 punishments, 0 warnings, nothing. I got countless reports during that period and not a single punishment did I get. I feel like players can only get punishments for toxicity. I saw numerous excuses from Riot posts, saying: ''It is hard to identify trolls and inting players.'' But I remember that Riot made something like a summoner's code, which is THE basic code to keep league competitive, which is being completely ignored by a large amount of players. Ignoring your team and not communicating properly should be a punishable offense imo, like on the same level of flaming. It creates toxicity for players who are trying their best to effectively win a game.

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