Stuck in Silver 1

If you think I'm gonna shout: I DESERVE TO BE CHALLENGER. Than you are wrong. There are definitely patterns that i have in my gameplay where i get myself killed. I'm overagressive at times and use my dash way too agressively and kill myself. And those are just a few of my mistakes. I have a lot to iron out. That being said, I do feel that the system is kind of screwing with me: Look at my recent performances within Just recently, 2/3 games, i had afk's. In my other losses, it just feels as if no matter what I do, my jungler, my midlaner and my toplaner just seem to feed. Which results into everyone 4 to 5 man diving the bot lane. And this might sound typical from someone who refuses to believe that maybe he belongs in said division/league. But what makes me doubt that is that I have games where I go 8/1/11 or 15/5/6. I genuinely don't play differently in those games than i do in my losses. The difference is my team. We're talking about solid players who know what their role is and what their champion does. People who can be carried and not only get carried but do well themselves. Those matches are a breeze, it's easy and quick. The losses don't even bother me all that much, I don't mind a good loss where I did something dumb and I got punished for it. But usually it's just a shitty toplanere, midlaner and a jungler who went rengar for the first time. I just don't know whether the system just wants me out of silver 1 and back to silver 2 or just that i'm unlucky these past few days. I've been going back and forth. Yet nothing about my gameplay changes. I'm consistent. The same thing happened to me in Silver 3 and 2 but quickly after got a winning streak and easily won my promo's. Yet in silver 1, it seems impossible to have people that have the abiliity to not feed and just let me carry them. I guess I'm just sick and tired of doing well but then getting punished in game because of my other three teammates who just feed beyond recovery. I know that all I can do is just keep playing and taking note on what I can improve but it just feels (atleast for now) that I can't win a game no matter what.
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