Permabans on Permabans on Permabans

but trolling and inting is ok as long as i dont go ghost cleanse or if others flame troll int afk no punishment but toxic is so bad for this boring ass game yay rio games woohoo rio game wp ban me for 7th time for same reason XD {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} idk maybe make ur matchmaking fair so i dont have to say anything but hey i already know some morons downvote this cuz they cant handle anything and report you for everything so sad has this community become :( only thing that changed during the years is people rep for anything and get others banned in a videogames cheating inting trolling afk is OK (hard to catch) (ghost tp kalista top 71% kp got me banned) but its hard to find toxic is so bad for this game since its more important to ban toxic then idk trollers inters afkers cheaters but hey thats what i think so sad this company is if i owned it i wouldnt care less about flame it makes the game hilarious then this boring ass shit were people afk cs till 20 min and if they lose flame me cuz im jungle which is fine but if i say something back it becomes bannable rip. me personally never report people no matter what they say cuz i dont want people's account suspended for talking shit makes this game less robotic people saying whats in their mind. Freedom of speech but hey YOU who is reacting or downvoting this don't bother doing it i know u are all rio's lap doggies {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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