please to all the junglers out there

jungle is the role i like the most in that game, but im facing many problems now 1) jungler is always blamed for everything 2) adc fails his lane, proceed to farm jungle 3) mid laner fails his lane, proceed to farm jungle 4) top laner fails his lane, proceed to farm jungle 5) if you ping them away they flame at you 6) if you take one cs after a gank they flame at you 7) and the new trend, got reported for offensive language cause i refused to give my adc the red buff (early game) cause he was 0/3 8) blue buff belongs to the mid laner or else jungler is flamed 9) i tell my mid laner please stop taking my raptors camp, i need the smite bonus, he ignores me, top laner as well. am i missing something here? cause as we all know, junglers need every camp in order to have a better game and not be far behind, what should i do in that case? if i take cs from lanes i get 100 pings, but if someone is farming my jungle i cant tell them anything? and why should i give my adc the red buff if he is feeding? i would love to know, am i saying something wrong?

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