Flamers, stand proud!

My fellow flaming brethren, heed my call! I will now explain to all of our fallen and desperate banned/restricted brothers, how to fight on in this PC Age, where even writing "easy" is considered too offensive for you to remain unpunished! First of all, you need to understand and symphatize with the poor people that have not been blessed with such a swaggalicious nosc0ping 360 skills as you have. Imagine their lives. Imagine them sitting in front of a computer feeding in a game with 4 buttons. I know its really hard to descend into an image so lowly, but for some people, its their everyday reality. They are not good at this game, and fully depend on phrases like "its a team game!" or "lol I pick for teamfights!!" to hide that in fact they are just a deadweight hoping to get carried through the ladder! They play league to have fun, they dont care about being good with something and not wasting their time. Therefore when some of our glorious race confronts these filthy casuals, and is angered by their blind insolence, the blood of the warrior boils in his veins and demands a retribution. As is common knowledge among our brothers, reporting someone for playing bad is not very effective in avenging your wasted efforts. THEREFORE WE TAKE OUR PAYMENT IN TEARS. And what does the cattle do? They see a bloodborne warrior, smiting down his enemies in a godlike fury, while they are sitting on their lane dying for the 5th time in the exactly the same way. They already see a Demonlike figure in you, out of pure jealousy, fueling their fear and insecurity. But then you take your payment. Thats when they break. Thats when you add insult to their injury. Thats when they decide you are a threat to the community and their hearts fill with hatred and fear. But in this world, taking payment in tears no longer works. Riot skillfully managed to stay on the wave of public opinion and label the flamers as the witches and witchers (pun intended) of todays society. We are the freaks, the outcasts. BUT DONT WORRY MY BRETHREN. WE SHALL NEVER FALL. WE SHALL TURN OFF OUR CHAT. THEY WILL NEVER HEAR FROM US. THEY ARE BENEATH US. Here I explain how to mute yourself during game, so u wont tear soft hearts of the feeders. Download and install autohotkey https://www.autohotkey.com/ Open notepad Write this hashtagifwinactive League of Legends (TM) Client /instead of hashtag please just put a hashtag there/ *Enter::return *NumpadEnter::return Click Save as, and save it as "script name".ahk Click on run script each time you play league PROFIT.
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