I feel so ... useless.

http://postimg.org/image/gfzba4slb/957013fa/ (I changed it to a legit link cause it's unclickable.. silly me) Morde goes mid and gets crushed by LB, jax goes full-feed mode activated, the rest are plain useless and even tho i pushed top to a point where they had pressure at their base, my team yet gets destroyed as i do my thing.. my score is just fine, and i scored a solo triple in a TF, i won lane and i did all i had to.. BUT! Jinx couldn't score kills, Kalista got a quadra kill when they engaged without me, they keep going for unreachable kills and cause themselves to die.. (in the enemy's jungle) I honestly couldn't do anything that much. i felt pretty much worthless. it's just that i am really incapable of making up for my teammates' mistakes cause this season is so unbalanced, and when a single enemy snowballs a bit, he destroys the damn game.. i tried to not flame at chat n stuff but when i just sit on my chair and watch those horrible players die one by one.. WHY ME? please someone help me escape this ELO, i try as many champs as i can but i can't carry no matter the circumstances.. i can't even recall a single time being carried except for when i had that Master tier J4 smurf on my team a little while back then.. How the hell am i suppost to carry low elo?
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