Is the trolling and toxicity is getting worse?

Hey I have played this game since the first year of its release and I have loved it ever since. While I had my breaks here and there I've still kept playing. One of the things I like the most about this game is the ranked system. I love the feeling of competitiveness. While there has allways been toxic players and trollers in this game, I feel like it's getting worse and worse. When I played before there would be very toxic players some games every days. But I could see past this because I knew that it will allways happen and I still loved playing the game. The problem was never that big of a deal. You simply moved on with your day and played another game if you were unlucky to get a toxic player in the game. But I belieave the problem is getting worse. I've played 5 games today and 3 of them have been with either an afker or with a trolling teammate (or enemy). I feel like the majority of the games nowadays have some kind of gamebreaking toxicity or trolling going on in it. This needs to change! I don't mind loosing a few games. I don't mind people flaming me, there is this wonderful button called "mute". But I do mind when the trolling happens so often that it feels like a I can't play the game like it's supposed to be. I don't have to much time to play League of Legends, and when I finally do have time I don't feel this urge to play anymore simply I know that if I play a game there is a huge chance that someone will troll on either side of the team.. I am truly heart-broken because I want to play this game so badly, but the trolling and flaming makes it impossible to enjoy it like we're supposed to do. Something needs to change or I have to invest my time into other games since I cannot enjoy the gameplay like I have before. It's not because of the actual game itself, just because of the things going on around it. Was I more used to this toxicity before? Am I just making things up in my head? Am I alone of feeling this? A loosing teammate is not the same thing as someone trolling. I want to look at a loosing game and see a challenge ahead of me. Not a teammate who runs from spawn into the enemy team just because he didn't get a role, a champion or died a couple of times! Many thanks for reading this and I apologize for my bad english. Good luck out there! :D
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