People, hear me

All right, so here's the situation. I was a Gold 1 player last season, came there with 225 games from silver 5. Currently I'm gold 5, I don't play solo queue that much, because every time I join solo queue with less then 4 premades, I face, let's just say, low IQ people, not to be abusive. Last game I had a guy streaming who trolled the game, and he's just bragging about it on his stream. I'm currently playing 3v3, I'm platinum 1 there, was in promotion for diamond, and the main reason my friends and me are playing only 3v3 is people like Rengar the streamer I faced in the last game. Tribunal should be more strict, RIOT should check games more often, and people should get banned, first a few days, months, and permanent later. Best regards.
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