Excuses that people who play bad in rankeds use

"**I'm playing for fun**" - No mate, you ain't playing for fun, you're just playing bad as hell, how can u have fun when your screen is grayed out most of the time ? "**I'm tilted**" - If you can't handle your emotion and cannot come into a new game with the same mentality, or you just cease to play good after a couple of losses you're weak, a weak player. "**X flamed me**" - And what ? He suddenly took your ability to play the game away from you? /Mute all exists for a reason, if you start playing bad whenever someone said something towards you and that affects you, you're a bad player, sorry. "**I got countered**" - Ok so that means you have to get killed 6 times before the lane phase even ends ? No no no, you're bad AND got countered, cause if you were a good player you'd just play safe until end game comes so you can still have a chance. "**Enemy jungler camped my lane**" - Same as the above point, most of the times junglers take advantage of bad enemy players, if they see a weak link, they camp it, getting fed or feeding their laner.
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