Right, I'm done. I can't take this community anymore.

I recently quit LoL, I got so tired of the flamers, afkers, feeders etc. I play an aram today thinking things will be different and no I go into one game, lose and then get completely flamed on. I didn't say anything at all provocative or anything and these two just started flaming all game. Why is it these players don't get banned, why are they consistently cropping up in my games, all I want to do is play and have fun and what's not fun is constantly being harassed by other players, the Tribunal has been down for god knows how long now and instead of Riot actively trying to fix the problem they release new champs and skins hoping we'll throw our money at the screen. It's a shame because you have a great game Riot but this community is just absolutely awful, it's a sad day when somebody quits a game because the harassment from other players get's too much, you just lost another player Riot
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