Perma banned for being toxic but not really to be honest.

So basically i have been permanently banned today after one game. After ive been banned for 2 weeks i decided to change myself completly and stop being toxic in league of legends because my next ban will be permanent and i was aware of that. That's what i did, i started playing again, i was being polite to my teammates, i was focusing on objectives and other stuff ( im talking about chat), i was avoiding provokations from my teammates and believe me i did a really great job in what i planned. I even noticed i started to win more games, i was more focused on actually playing the game than typing with some random people from league. So basically what my point is that my perma ban is unjustified. I was banned for one game, let me make that clear again, ONE GAME, where i was not toxic/flaming anyone besides that i said to my teammate when he said to me something bad (i don't even remember but that person was intentionally feeding, he was like 0/5 as yasuo vs jax on top, he was talking all the time that jax is op (i was kinda mad about that fact) i answered " shut up you dog, play another game". I understand that this behaviour was kinda bad and i should just not type anything but that game was winnable and i was one game before my promo to plat 1 so it was frustrating in some way. You can't believe how i feel right now especially because that's the worst punishment you can get in league and i got it for let's say nothing comparing to others behaviour at 5 out 10 games especially because other players write so many bad things i report them every game and i get maybe 1 insta feed back per 150 reports and i get punished for nothing. Let me copy this game and show you if this a perma ban material game. Game 1 Sinniovsky: EZ MONEY Sinniovsky: no Sinniovsky: kurwo ty <----- i said ' you f**k' to my duo partner, i was muted on ts3, he took my control ward Sinniovsky: what are you doing Sinniovsky: cos hes 5 kills Sinniovsky: u dumb <--- ok that was rude but yasuo kept saying that jax is op and they should nerf him after he gave him few kills on top early on (really early on) Sinniovsky: 2 levels Sinniovsky: above Sinniovsky: id rather report you Sinniovsky: than vlad Sinniovsky: well at least im not inting like you Sinniovsky: typical yasuo Sinniovsky: ? Sinniovsky: will make sure you get banned Sinniovsky: its over Sinniovsky: rengar bought an account Sinniovsky: with yasuo Sinniovsky: no Sinniovsky: just ff Sinniovsky: well ure feeding since the game started Sinniovsky: so nothing changes Sinniovsky: so youre saying that youre doing good Sinniovsky: youre doing that good Sinniovsky: that jax is oneshooting is everyone Sinniovsky: great job Sinniovsky: i wish you get that yas and reng next game Sinniovsky: so tomorrow -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sinniovsky: utkaj pizde Sinniovsky: menelu <----- that's the bad stuff i said but is that perma ban material? i said " shut up dog without secondary school exam" Sinniovsky: bez matury Sinniovsky: gierke zmien ty psie ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sinniovsky: we are outscaling them Sinniovsky: we can win Sinniovsky: 13 deaths Sinniovsky: not inting Sinniovsky: now tell us that you did that on purpose Sinniovsky: so the game wont be that easy Sinniovsky: am i right? Sinniovsky: x9 rengar and yasuo Sinniovsky: premades Sinniovsky: both inting Sinniovsky: XDDDDDDDDDDD Sinniovsky: WE DONT HAVE INHIS Sinniovsky: ARE YOU BLIND Sinniovsky: JAX IS SUPER FED Sinniovsky: AND YES THERE WILL BO NO LATE GAME Sinniovsky: HOW ARE YOU PLAT Sinniovsky: TELL ME Sinniovsky: OH WAIT Sinniovsky: EAST PLAT Sinniovsky: FORGOT Sinniovsky: XDDD Sinniovsky: This is ranked Sinniovsky: ima tryhard Sinniovsky: ill die 16 times Sinniovsky: and say that jax is op Sinniovsky: XDD Sinniovsky: thats a perfect example of yauso mindset Sinniovsky: i wish you could see our teamchat Sinniovsky: LOL Sinniovsky: XD Sinniovsky: top jungle duo Sinniovsky: XDD I think that the ban system is really really wrong, that's a perfect example of that. Especially because system doesn't check how my team mates did in game, it doesn't check what they write in game, if they are feeding or not. Can a rioter respond to that post? Can you check ? Can you answer me is that behaviour that bad that you have to permanently ban my account? I have been playing league for about 6-7 years, in season 2 i was like top 200 on euw ladder, this game has been everything to me, especially that account. After these all years i feel like you treat me like a rubbish.
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