The problem with League community

Before you start reading, this post will not bash Riot or call them out for shit they don't deserve, nor will it cry out some imaginary problems that I made up to justify my last 2 lost games, so since forums are, in most cases, just people upvoting posts that bash Riot into oblivion and downvoting posts that are not and that are being useful, leave your downvote here and don't bother reading because you are not going to like what I have to say. Or go ahead I don't care it's your time lol So the biggest problem in this community these days is not OMFG THERE ARE INTERS EVERY GAME RIOT BAN THE INTERS. No. Take multiple seats. The problem is that EVERYTHING these days is INTING and EVERYTHING nowadays is TROLLING. If some one loses the lane he is inting. If some one misses Morgana Q it's trolling. Did you just die to a jungle gank ? Well tough luck you are getting reported for inting. What did you say ? You ganked a lane and didn't get a kill ? Why hasn't Riot banned you already ? People refuse to accept that not every one having a bad game is an inter or a troll, I personally have over 200 games in ranked this season (and am still Gold 4 get it out of your system talk as much shit about my rank as you want), and I am not over exaggerating this, I haven't had a single troll in any of my ranked games this season, nor did I have a single inter this season in any of my ranked games. There was that one time tho, but we ended up winning that game because the Shen that was legit running it down and flashed under the tower then started dancing and died to the tower to the point where I think he was about 0/15. He then realized well we are still winning so I might as well stop it and help them. He did and ended up being quite useful and we won the game so I don't really count that one and only encounter with an actual inter. But that's besides the point. I did have some games in which some one went 0/5 or even more, or ended up a game with something like 2/15 but I actually looked at the reply of the game and he really just was a terrible player, not being an inter. But then think about it. There can be some one that has a score of 0/8 and some one else has a score of 11/10. Who do you think fed more ? Yea, that 11/10 guy is gonna call the 0/8 guy an inter, a feeder, a troll. But the sad reality is that he fed so much more gold to the enemy team with his 11/10 score that it makes him a hypocrite calling others inters. TLDR, the words "Inter" and "Troll" are getting trashed around so much that they lost their meaning. Same goes for the question mark pink. Just f*cking stop it. The ACTUAL problem is people that give up way too quickly. And they are not "inting", they just gave up. That is not inting. That is giving up. When they say ff15 in minute 4 or start to spam the surrender button every time it comes off cooldown, that is the type of players I encountered a LOT. A whole bunch of them. The ones that stop trying after they die in lane and just wait for that minute 15 or 20 to start spamming the surrender button or wait til the game is over. They might start trying again if they see that every one else is doing fine because they want that lp, but mostly they won't. But then again, I think it was DoubleLift or Sneaky or Rekkless, (not sure, but I am sure it was a pro player and almost 100% sure it was an adc), who said "Team mates WILL lose you the game sometimes, but they will NEVER lose you the elo." So keep that in mind before you start calling some one an inter or a troll next time.
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