Few words about the state of the game (mini-rant).

I want to address some issues that I find harder and harder to look over. I play LoL since Season 2. I'm saying Season 2 because I can't really remember if I played in Season 1 or not. I might have. Anyway, since the beginning. And I saw the game evolve. While, technically, I find that the game is in a good enough spot, I find Riot's way of treating mostly everything on a wrong path. **1) Toxicity** As I mentioned, I play this gave for few seasons. I consider myself a casual player because I treat the game as what it is, a game. I'm not getting emotional about it, I'm not looking to get better, I just like the game, and I'm playing it. Chat was always an interesting place. In the beginning, there were a lot of insults thrown, but there was also a lot of joking going on. Picking Ezreal with Taric support was the sure recipe for some jokes about it. As the Tribunal got tossed away, the new system became stricter and stricter. Now, you are not getting banned for being toxic, but for being emotional about your game too. Some people like to show their emotions, they feel the need to verbally penalize a bad play. I have nothing against it. It's just crap talking. In a video game. Nothing more. When you say to someone that he is a feeder, you're not gonna hurt anybody's feelings. Yea, things might get heated in the moment, but there is no harm in it. Most posts that I see on boards about people getting banned for toxicity are for this kind of behavior. A bit of trash talking. No homophobia, no racism, just saying to another player that they suck. Do we really need to ban people for it? I find this measure being too harsh. Just to make things clear, I was never banned for toxicity, trolling, whatever. None of my accounts ever been banned. I only got a chat restriction in Season 4, but nothing else. In practice, the number of games when I encounter this type of behavior feels bigger than in the past. In the past, you were able to calm the waters. Now, I'm afraid to say anything. When another player is asking me why I died, I never respond, because I'm afraid of getting banned for it. Chat is inexistent for me right now. I would love to use it as I did in the past. For joking around, having a good time, but it's not possible. Are we really so fragile, that we need bans for talking crap in a video game? I can talk crap in real life. I can talk crap on Facebook, Twitter, or even on LoL boards. But in the game, I feel that I shouldn't say anything, because, it's like Miranda's Rights. Anything you say can and will be used against you. If I make a joke about Taric, and I get reported that game, I'm probably gonna get banned for homophobia. This issue could be fixed by chat bans or chat disable. It's much more useful for everyone. Banning people won't get them to shut up. Will get them flaming on other accounts. **2) Singed's Ban** This was an interesting event for me. I know that the matter was overly discussed, but I can't agree with what most people find as right. Just to be clear. That person was banned for following the Terms of Use. There is no meta enforced, there is nowhere where it says that you should play how other players are telling you to. And, the thing that I'm most repulsed by is the measure. The ban. In this universally viable measure that seems to be so liked by Riot. Again, an issue that can be fixed much easier. You want that player to stop playing Singed support? Disable that champion for him or ban him from ranked games, take a stand telling him that he shouldn't before taking a direct action. Because, as I said earlier, the Terms of Use are respected. It's a particular case, and it should be treated accordingly. It's like banning someone in a chess software because he's moving his rooks diagonally. Well, if you don't want for that to happen, maybe you shouldn't allow him to move that way. If he can, maybe you should have some kind of dialogue before removing him the access to the account. And, let's not forget what LoL is. It's not a sports federation. It's a video game. The point of it is to offer enjoyment to the players. If someone is getting enjoyment by playing Singed support with Smite, why do we have to ban them for it? Because other players are getting mad? There are players getting mad for stupid reasons every day. Maybe promote this. Not getting mad for other people's picks than making the "meta" something official. That ban sets a precedent. It shows us that Riot can go ahead and invent new rules, and you need to obey to them, or they will remove the access to the account if you don't. I don't think that I'm looking forward to being involved in something like this in the future. The terms feel oppressive. I played a lot of Orianna support. And the reason was that I wanted to learn the champion, but also have short queue times. In ranked, because normal games are mostly a joke. I also played a lot of Teemo jungle in Season 5. Because I considered him to be perfect in some specific cases, hence my 70% win rate with him. I don't see why would be against any rules. This is my rant. I feel that LoL is in a bad place right now. I feel that it's easier to get banned in it for talking crap or picking off-meta champions than for scripting or Elo boosting. I started a smurf. Bots are still a thing at lower levels. Someone constantly running into the enemy team does not influence more people than someone picking an off-metal pick or talking crap? Sorry for the big wall of text.
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