Hi everyone i just need to say that this is really good game,but...I get ban because i say 1,3 things in chat because they all are trolling and then they report me...i spent a lot of money for skins and i get ban...thiefs... where is logic? i love this game but when someone play ap on adc or jg on top i become angry so angry!! the most thing that hurting me is that I spent money for skins ,chests (bought rp) and get ban cause of trollers..I mean wtf riot I know that all of you smart boys hate this thing cause this is not normal,when someone say to me something for my mother (i dont have mum) what I should do?? if i have some kind of power i would like to change the system and just one thing.....peoples who giving ban-I mean that first must watch the match to see what is happening... Im sorry for my bad english im from croatia soo.. shame..big shame riot you fuc... the game i love the most and robbed!! i spent like 200 $ for skins.... now i must watching my ban 14 days...
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