Tribunal (finally) got me

So there we go, I got permanently banned after playing this game since season 1 (I started on a different account that I'll be continueing on now) , I mustve spent atleast 400-500 euros on lol during this time. I know this ban wont be reverted, so I consider this some feedback on the tribunal system. First shortly about me; I'm about to finish my University master. Unfortunately 8 years of basic school, 6 years of higher education and 4 years of university hasn't taught me enough about life and communicating to play a pegi 13 game. It's not that I've not tried to reform to the league standards, especially since the 14 day ban. Unfortunately It seems I cannot achieve the zen like state of mind thats required for the turn the other cheek behavior that is expected here. In my opinion what's asked of players in a competitive setting is unfeasable, bordering unfair. After all you're asking (some) to go against their nature. I don't just do this in league games,for me it's the same with actual sport in real life, I want to try to win, I'm by no means a top athlete (shocker hehe I know ;) ) so theres plenty of friction there too, ocassionally that leads to some enthused communication with teammembers. (initated by either them or me) I reckognise it's not always fair but in the spirit of competition(i.e. trying to win, together) it's in no means unhealthy/unusual behavior. I've played tennis,golf (yes it has teams in some game forms :P) and football.. and I've probably had 'moments' in all these games. Anyway heres what happened: Today I was in my third promo series, I got through the div 1 games fairly easy for the third time but the teams you get during promos are quantifyably worse. (why is this?anyway) People are being set up to fail when it feels even more important than usual to win the promo game. What exactly is expected when you put people in this powder keg? First promo game I got put with a 4 man premade vs a 5 man premade (the enemy team builds it entire setup around the smurf olaf and end up winning easily, I get blamed for not doing enough and despite not engaging them they end the game asking for reports and saying 4x jhinn at the endgame screen. Then in my final game the renekton top literally says 'I'm tilted I don't care' and goes afk. I cannot stay calm when people do that in games that logically feel 'important'. After all It's competetive and the prospect of losing the promo series for a third time is infuriating. I can only conclude that it is impossible for me to reform to these standards with these conditions.(so I suppose geting banned is a foregone conclusion for players as me). Now I understand people will see this as the system working, but I hope at the very least they'll see theres a definate grey area here. On top of that I feel that the system is eskewed against active players,especially in ranked. Looking at my games in the last week (I have some extra free time) I've been trying hard to be dandy to everyone and everything, hit ignore when people flame (which btw despite the tribunal understandably still happens all the time in ranked). But still get permabanned immediatly when I break the rules. I find myself wondering, why are there permabans? I'm bummed I lost all the champions and skins but I got my original smurf accounts with my favorite champions (I made them to play with rl friends). The ban won't stop me from playing, whereas other systems are more likely to actually help the community 'get rid of me' (full chat lock, 1000 games chat restriction, month/half year,year long ban) riot opts for the 'permaban'. The only reason I can think of why riot is banning is the financial gain they get for it.(a ploy which will work in my case, Ill probably buy a bucket of rp to get some fav skins/champs). Annoying, sure but the time I play lol makes it a worthwhile investment. Also, why are they being sparse with sharing tribunal statistics? I mean actual usefull numbers that wills how the community just how well the system is working. Some numbers I'd like to know are for instance: reports per ranked game, ratio of reports on a won game/lost game, reports done in ranked/unranked or avg reports any player (in ranked) gets. Why can't we know? Finally, Why is an entertainment company trying to reform players to begin with? Is negative conditioning on such a miniscule scale supposed to have any effect what-so-ever? Whereas irl people might say 'you need to cool down' or 'Im not playing with you no more' or push back(which is just as natural/normal behavior as pointing out things with the spirit of competition), this won't happen in an online game especially since the game revolves around random people interacting for a short while, people who will then proceed to never see eachother again. My suggestion would be to either drop the system entirely and accept that it's not your job to educate or raise your customers. Or forego the charade alltogether and implement a text reckognition system that censors incitefull/toxic speech. (it'll be infinitely more effective and there are plenty computational linguistic technologies available to make it work). Anyway, time to play in the silver league on my new main account (which will undoubtedly result in a whole bunch of flames/reports for people on the other team ) Seems wrong but what can you do. I don't expect sympathy or anything.I think it's an ineffective system that misses its goal entirely but I accept it works this way. Thank you for reading. tl;dr: -got banned, I'm sad panda. -Riot puts you in a high stress situation (esp. in ranked) and then expects you to stay calm. (stress might not be the right word for it, but there definetly is pressure) -allowing bigger premades in rankeds is making it worse. -Repeatedly getting in div promos makes it worser still. -How well is this tribunal system working? -Why are there permabans?what are they supposed to do? -Why is an entertainment company trying to reform players at all to begin with? (The impression I get is; for money)
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