This community's IQ is over 20000000

As I've been playing more ranked lately, I've been exposed to a huge amount of knowledge from the other (flaming) players. I've never thought that League of Legend would be the place where I would find all the geniuses, the smartest people in the world. Few things i remember from today's lessons from my teammates : - Jayce is a tank because he has more (a little bit, like 200 hp) more than the APC. - I wasn't feeding, but because I didn't do damage, I was useless, but the 0/8 Malphite dealt more damage than me (because he's been fighting for the whole game), thus Malphite was doing stuffs and I got reported for useless. I can't remember more from my head, but these two were from today's games. I swear I've heard like thousands of mind-blowing theories/facts. From me, an apprentice of all the toxic LoL players
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