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Hi guys, my name is Thomas, i am 25 years old, and i have a favour to ask you. You may think that this is only an excuse, i have no proof other my simple words, so it'sup to you if you want to trust me or not. So, after 4 years, me and my girflriend decided to take a rest for our relationship, i will not explain all the details becuase privacy, but the point is that we made a deal, if i can reach plat 5, she promised that she will have a date with me, even if we promised eachother to just have a chat instead of go out and see eachother. I proposed this deal, because now i am silver 2, and i finished all the past season in gold 5, so for me the plat 5 is almost impossible, but i really love her, and even if it's just a supid deal, i want to try to have a chance to take her back, because i still love her, and she still love me, but she is confused. Now, i am not asking for comment on my relationships, or on what i should do, i just need 2 things. 1- A coach that can lead me to reach plat 5 2- Someone that wants to duo with me, like a smurf or comething I have no rush, now i will leave uk where i live with her, and i will go back in italy to my family house, she will anyway come back to meet me in october, because i'll take her dog with me,so we will meet for sure, i would like to reach plat 5 before october, so i can have another chance wth her... PRobably most of you will laugh, or making fun of me, but right now i am in tears, and i am really determinate to reach this goal. Thank you very much if you would like to help me. Timarius ps: sry for my bad english, i am italian and i just learner the language by playing online games
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