Is this normal in your games? Offensive playstyle against your own teammate.

Hello there, I just had worst experience after long time in lol. I have played ranked game with guy who wasnt offensive in chat (later he started to), but he played the way to tilt me to max level, **_because i didnt helped him with river minion._** I´ve tried to help him there, but enemy jungler came and smited it. After that, he came to mid everytime he could, {{summoner:11}} smited every single tank and bursted whole wave of minions. Even enemy noticed he is doing something malicious. I was loosing but not so much had 1/2 after some ganks from enemy, I didnt expect from him gank so i played safe, but I´ve noticed he helped every other lane so much to makes them like him, so after he started argument with me, they was on his side. So i didnt even try to argue with him. I´m used to players baiting, and behaving worse but this was intentional against me because that one thing. He decided to make my game worse cuz there is something wrong with him. (plat3 MMR....) **Big +** for enemies which was on mi side and feels bad for me. But still. This guy got max 3 reports from me and enemy which notices this behaviour. **Can someone who plays this way got punished? ** {{sticker:sg-soraka}}

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