LOL has stopped being fun.

I know y'all thinking right now, here's another thread about player behavior. Well, if there are so many threads about it why dont rito start banning people? I dont get it, i simpley dont. Every game either normal or ranked im getting afk's and trollers. Now a guy told me, then the enemy team should have one every game you dont. IT doesn't seem taht way. it really doesn't. I just had a game with 4 trollers, yeah 4 and not im sure i wasn't the troll. I camped mid as shaco jungler cause our ekko was getting destroied by their yasuo, ekko simpley refused to play passively. And our top flamed me for not ganking, also our bot flamed. And we lost, im so furstated i even came to this forum. The game is fun when you have a normal team without trollers, but when i have them i simpley want to ***** quit this game. So without further due, this is the offical message to riot. Dear, riot. We(Most of the community) dont give a flying fuc* if you want to ban flamers/trollers due to money issues or whatever. JUT BAN THEM even if it's for 14 days just get them out of our sight for 14 days without trollers and then another 14 days im fine with that. Dont let them reform make them QUIT simple as that. Let these lifeless beaches buy accounts with money, cause nobody will want to re-level up to 30. let them die on the streeet due to money issues caues they bought accounts and got money stolen from their bank accounts. Get the intiation to teach these bastards a lesson. STOP being afraid of everything you cowards. Excusing as They wont reform if we ban them, they will just open new accounts. THEN BAN THESE NEW ACCOUNTS AS WELL. I have an answer to every god damn excuse you will give me except, you will lose money because these people will not buy skins anymore. They will be mad, i didn't flame once, just one game or two i called a guy a ********** son of a ************* his mom is a ******* Btw what about the system that lets players judge? Has it been in rework for the past two years? cause meanwhile nobody gets banned. NOBODY
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