Banned for motivating my team full of trolls + bonus KDA player

Befor you post anything - here's how the game looked like. Our autofilled Brand support guy was taking few of Varus' creeps with his W so he got mad and started spamming in chat together with Brand and even came mid lane and started taking some of my creeps. As you can see in the chat logs at this point I wasn't negative WHATSOEVER and told them that we can still win and that they should just play defensive bot lane and even defended that Brand when he was ready to AFK at fountain. Then I suggested that Udyr should stop AFK farming the jungle while their Leona is roaming everywhere and Amumu is camping mid lane so if telling someone to do something in a ranked game is "toxic" then that's good to know. I then roamed bot lane for easy double kill but Brand was unable to even stun one person just befor I got there so they killed us 2v3 basically and I don't think saying "you cant even stun someone" in such situation is ban worthy. Keep in mind Brand and Varus were still flaming each other in chat at this point and Varus left the game shortly after. Udyr and Fiora were flaming me for "feeding" here even though I don't think I could do anything against Amumu, Leona and Ahri diving me with their ults while Udyr was only farming the jungle and doing useless ganks at top lane. When Udyr came to "aid" me he just did his best to take minions from me (remember - I was playing Kayle so I needed any gold I could get). Even though we were 4v5 I was still trying to do something and as you can see in chat logs I was saying "we can win" and "i just need items" (I was playing Kayle so she's pretty useless without them and then turns into a monster after getting them). Udyr wasn't doing anything when enemy team was sieging mid turrets and diving me and he always blamed me when I died even though he kept farming jungle and ganking for Fiora whose lane was already lost so even though they killed Pantheon we kept losing mid lane turrets due to enemy sieging them and Udyr not doing anything about it. Remeber - this Udyr had the audacity to blame me after my deaths and called me a "feeder" while that was his "style" of playing so I pointed out that he's a KDA player and I don't think it's "toxic" at all considering that's exactly how he played and can "KDA player" even be recognized as an insult? Is my behavior in this game really a two weeks ban worthy? Maybe you can say I was toxic by calling that Udyr a KDA player and a terrible one but you cannot deny I was also trying to motivate my team for what there are proofs in this chat log. I really don't think I was that toxic considering the fact my bot lane was insulting each other, Varus rage quitted the game and my jungler blaming me and coming mid only to take minions from me. Many people in this situtation would go berserk and I was trying to win this game and motivated my team to try winning it too. Game 1 Xiley: lol Xiley: stop Xiley: we can win easily Xiley: just farm Xiley: wtf Xiley: brand Xiley: why you dont ping Xiley: just leave him be Xiley: he got auto filled sup Xiley: just play Xiley: hes not trolling Xiley: just play Xiley: he is just bad supp Xiley: udyr you cant just afk in jungle Xiley: you really must start doing something Xiley: brand for real Xiley: you cant even stun someone Xiley: jesus christ Xiley: like i was pinging way befor Xiley: that im coming Xiley: just stun anyone Xiley: no you didnt dude Xiley: you did it way too late Xiley: when they already escped Xiley: we can win Xiley: i just need items Xiley: hey Xiley: do you know what dodging is? Xiley: too much feed Xiley: udyr why you waste your time top lane i dont get it Xiley: ahri or mumu is free kill Xiley: all the time Xiley: this udyr is just kda player Xiley: pathetic Xiley: yea Xiley: gj Xiley: udyr Xiley: you killed top Xiley: ye point out my stats Xiley: when you are afk entire game Xiley: and mumu is always there Xiley: and leona too Xiley: me for what kid? Xiley: it's not my fault at alll Xiley: what im supposed to do when udyr is farming all the time and going top when there are 4 people mid lane? Xiley: he never helped me, not even one time Xiley: it's not about ganking Xiley: it's about counter ganking Xiley: he did notyhing Xiley: wow great he fed himself on top lane while bot lane and mid is destroyed Xiley: i didn't lose it Xiley: not 1v1 Xiley: leona and amumu was top Xiley: all the time Xiley: udyr did nothing mid lane Xiley: entire game Xiley: what can i do? Xiley: i cant Xiley: they dive me Xiley: it's amumu with ult Xiley: and ahri ult Xiley: i cant do anything Xiley: without a jungler Xiley: no hes terrible Xiley: hes wasting his time on lost top lane Xiley: see? Xiley: he even came to me and took my farm this udyr Xiley: and you gona defend him cause he ganked your lost lane?
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