"The community would be a better place if you K Y S" :(

I am struggling to see how people who say this are able to continue to play this game. As a level 24 newbie, I am not great at this game. I know it. Had a game with a toxic teemo who flamed me at the other player in bot lane. We were getting rekt under our tower by a really good Twitch and Lux. They were clearly smurfing. I reported the temo for flame. All game he was flaming us. AFter the game in the lobby he told me that I was boosted and that i should Kill myself. He repeated it and said that he and the rest of the community would be better place if I just k y s. This is really offensive to me for very personal reasons and I don't see why this player should be able to say it. Is this expression not on a banned list? He is still playing :(
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