for all you tryhards feeder/troller-reporters etc etc - PEOPLE JUST DON'T CARE, ACCEPT IT, MOVE ON

There is no set in stone rule of how to play the game or how seriously the game should be taken, there is no endurance or reflex or ping or iq or boredom test that you need to pass before you enter a match ESPECIALLY if it's not ranked. Throw all your expectations out of the window, they don't belong here, people. just. don't. care. And it's fine! Some dude is playing the match because he wants to improve on his champion. Some jungler plays the match just to improve his farm and routes - and no, he will not care about your gank calls and no it's not reportable and you can just try to be a bully and make him do things but it's childish because people. just. don't. care about your shit. Accept it and move on. Some of your team mates are bored. Some of them are tilted. For some of them it's the 15th match they played so guess how good they will be in your match. Some don't have time and don't want to deal with your shit and yes it's a valid reason for surrender. People just might not want to continue the match. I could write wall after wall after wall of examples and validations but you get the idea. Don't try to crucify people for not sticking to your agenda because it fucking won't work and you'll just get pissed for no reason and frustrated. Realize that people have different goals and mentalities and work WITH them instead of trying to make them work for you. Otherwise you're not respecting them, and if you're not respecting other people how on earth do you expect or think you deserve people to respect you.
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