Ranked is getting ridiculous like this

So the smarter ones of us already know that ranks don't reflect player skill at all. Mostly because all it proves is having a set amount of wins, or just the right amount of wins at the right time. The best ranks in the game can be achieved without much skill if one is lucky enough to have 4 good players on their team. All that is needed is the wins, that is all that counts. Rank ignores your plays whether they are good or bad, that's just a fact. However how am I to attain a higher rank if as many as 3 people on my team are horrible players? Just now I lost my 3rd provisional since I returned to ranked because of someone else playing bad in 6 of of these 9 games. In fact I had bad players in 7 of these 9 games, but since I was queueing with my friend who went nasus top we managed to win that one. So every single provisional I've gone 1 win 2 losses. hooray. In the game below you gotta keep in mind I had 5 deaths, MF 7, Leona 8, Renekton 9 and Azir 11. I seem to have the least deaths on my team in over 75% of the games that I play. And as a reward for having played over 1500 matches without getting a single report, never flamed and not having made many mistakes past my first 300 wins I get this over half of all the games I play: Ashslayer: can we all just take a moment to please report renekton for feed and insane flame, Leona for unskilled and flame and lastly azir for just unskilled and missuse of his ulti on several occasions. AFK Leona joined the room. Ashslayer: thank you enemy adc joined the room. Renekton: feed ? Renekton: hahahahaah Renekton: whan an idiot Ashslayer: and flame, which you are still doing Renekton: so its my foult that river won game ? Azir: report me for best dmg in my team.. Azir: epic logic Azir: xd Ashslayer: but you made so many missplays, and I saw you use your ulti correctly 0 times Ashslayer: and even suicided Renekton: i flame bc u are fcking useless Ashslayer: that does sound like either unskilled or assisting enemy Ashslayer: unskilled isnt punishable, you just get lower matchmaking Azir: only 20k dmg Renekton: look my history men Renekton: u did nothing in this tf Renekton: so stfu Renekton: bye Ashslayer: bai bai Azir: spierdalaj noobie flejmoncy Renekton: naucz sie grac As we can see, these guys are refusing to take in feedback. Oh okay I missjudged Renekton's cry for help on top with 200 hp as a "I want you to hold my lane" when he actually wanted a gank vs full health riven, who I was sure would kill him, but hey I learned from that. He only pings if he wants a full on gank. I tell him he's flaming and this is wrong, he just keeps flaming more. I make him aware that he has fed riven to high heaven at 7/1 he shakes it off as riven is just good, despite the fact that he engaged every single one of the fights that lead to his death. Azir missed every single ulti or he used it to engage or he used it on just 1 person. A complete waste every single time. He suicided quite a lot by overextending or going to parts of the jungle where neemies had just been. Yes ENEMIES, as in more than just one, but he did it anyway. Worst of all was I couldn't even protect him because I was merely a Malphite. So what does genius Azir do as he is getting rekd in the jungle? USES HIS ULTI ON NOTHINF OF COURSE! whooo! I mean this is just ridiculously sad. Oh I'm getting ganked, I better use my only good ability to stop the gank on absolutely nothing!. If I was him I would have dashed over the wall behind me or maybe dashed to that clearing in the jungle and ulted behind me so I couldnt be chased, but that's just me. Instead he ulted, volibear walked around his ulti and flung him into their riven and sivir. He tried to dash then, but it was too late. Would he take in any feedback? no. Leona was just spamming gibberish in some kind of foreign language, which of course made Renekton go full racist mode. I actually didn't see her do anything horrible, but with all the "omg leona fail stun"s that renekton let out, she might have done some ultis wrong. I did see her a few times stay when she should have ran, or sometimes engage when we were 3v5 or even 2v5. For this she did in fact feed and was unskilled. I noted nothing on MF since she was nice and didn't speak a word during the game. I don't think she was unskilled since she had quite a few well placed Es and ultis. Her ulti even won us 2 or 3 team fights. Is it really fair that I get stuck in silver again because I get team mates like these almost every single game? I am a team player, I do what benefits the team in the long run, but it seems like every single other guy just plays for short term gain and themselves. I can't see other people being willing to win the game if it costs them a death. But I do. I was Zed the other day and sacrificed myself in 4 teamfigiths. Every single one ended with me dying first, then a lot of the enemies dying and us pushing them way back. In fact the first 2 times we got 4 of them down, 1 escaped. The 3rd time we got 3 of them at first, then one of our own died and we got all 5. Then the 4th time we got 3 of them and we managed to push them down to the nexus and win the game. It really seems like no other player out there understands how to play as a team and reach the main goal of the game: The Nexus. Anyway these were my 2 cents on the matchmaking and on ranks in ranked. Thanks for reading. EDIT: Most of you could apparently not believe that the above is true, or that I've lost 30 games in the past 2 days to players on my team being bad. Well I got another game for you to further drive this into your skulls. We're on champion select, everything has been called out except for mid. We even had an ADC and me as support. Our guy who wanted top was 2nd pick so he took blitz to trade and this was known. However our first pick did of course go Fiora without saying a word. Without typing anything or even reading the chat, apparently. Then our to be ADC complains about cait being banned, yet the closest champion name banned was katarina, who is obviously not an ADC. The enemy had vayne, so I can only believe that this ADC only knew how to play ONE single character in their role and had decided to go ranked anyway. So when it came to her turn, our ADC instalocked le blanc, despite gragas already having locked for mid. My turn came and I picked nasus who I traded for blitz, and our Nasus won against the enemy Garen just fine. For he was my premade friend and he never loses. Anyway LB started to flame a lot at this point during the champion select. I wanted to quit when she picked LB as ADC, but I even more so wanted to when she stole mid. However that would result in my series ending in a loss, AGAIN. So obviously we tried to win this already lost game. Fiora was quite nice however. She went ADC, and sucked a little early, but she really caught up once she reached 15/10 stats. She fed a little bit at times, but she tried to make the best out of being stuck as a melee ADC. I mean both nasus and fiora had said they could mid just fine vs Diana, specially Nasus. But no, LB was a greedy ******* and did not wanna do what was obviously best for the team. Hell a blitz LB combo would have been brutal and wrecked vayne, thresh bot. But nope, flamers don't care about anyone else. So from minute one she said "go die in hell" specifically to gragas and Fiora. Later she also started to do it to me and some time later Nasus. And after 30 minutes or so she would flame ALL 4 of us everytime one of us made a single mistake. Yet she was the wrost player on our team by far. We are talking about focusing full tank garen or aatrox with guardian angel and passive, vs nuking the freaking vayne right next to them. We almost had this game actually. We were so close. However in a teamfight 4v5 we won with 1 of them living, maybe 2. However Fiora pushed bot and got their inhib. My friend Nasus said this was a mistake. If Fiora was there we would have had all 5 and could have finished the game. That might be true, idk for sure. They did however get baron and 5th drake since we got aced after they respawned. So yeah. I had a few fail hooks myself, but vayne and thresh both had experience vs blitzcranks. This is why I dont like blitz in ranked much. I did however burn at least 5 flashes by pulling people just right. Some of my pulls evne got us the squishy vayne and made us advance further which was sweet. I even buffed the team's movement speed in every fight/engage with both of my support items for +40% +60% speed. It was a good match, but if we had anyone else than LB we would have had this, or if we had vayne as our ADC instead of fiora. Either of these would have turned the tables. I don't think I've seen a player flame as much as this Leblanc since that Rekt'Sai who attacked me every minute of a normal 4 months ago. - - - Final edit: As said all that is needed is wins, in other words time. Maybe I complained too soon because my time is limited and it feels really bad trying something for weeks and failing because of other people. Now I managed to actually lose my lane twice since I started this thread. I loosened my definition of losing a lane and discovered that yeah, some of those ties were actually losses. It's just weird that when I lose a lane I' 1-2 deaths ahead of the opponent but when I see team mates losing a lane they are 4+ deaths ahead. Maybe that's why I thought I either won a lane or ended up in a tie, since my losses were so small compaired to other people's losses. Specially when keeping in mind that I got countered every time I lost or tied the lane. Together me and my friend managed to get a horrible mid laner again. He/she had 300 ranked wins, but was in silver 3. What? How does someone have 300 ranked wins and suck that bad? She was even the cause of our defeat in that game, or at least the biggest cause for our defeat. I can only imagine somebody that loses an entire game who also has 300 wins, must have a crapton of losses. We also met a Jinx with mastery on our side. We felt pretty good having double mastery bot lane but oh holy nein. 0/5 or 0/7 or as finishing stats. I stopped paying attention to her after she got 0/5. I never wrote anything during that game either other than thanks or thank you to our jungler. So yeah, in short I get a huge load of people that just make weird plays or horrible plays that end up losing us the game. I should probably only play carry champions, but I don't find this fun. I still primarily play League of Legends for fun, not for ranks. I'd just find it fun to also be able to gain ranks while having fun and playing the champions that I like. It just ruins the player experience to lose to 1-2 people being fed 2/4-2/3 games. Obviously the problem isn't nearly as big if the fed person is someone other than katarina, vayne, fiora, jinx, and many others. These seem to be the big carry champions once fed, and ez I suppose since AP ez is really strong right now. - - - - Okay this is the real final edit so I can finally put this thread to rest: I had an Elise on my team today. Guess what rank she has been for the past 3 years or so? Platinum or higher. Yup. And what more about her? She has over 3000 wins. Yes, that's right, someone who played league of legends so much they reached 3000 wins. But why am I mentiong her here? Because she couldn't even lasthit. Yes folks, that's right. 3000+ wins in platinum or higher and she can't lasthit. She even had the special elise skin for players who were ranked gold or better a few years back. But how? How can someone fail over 2/3 of their lasthits? I watched her with 6 minions under tower just to hit 1, it gets killed by tower, hit 2nd one, it gets killed by tower, hit 3rd one, it gets killed by tower, hit 4th one, it gets killed by tower. She wasn't afk either which is the worst part. She was just walking around the minions randomly hitting them, making them low enough for the tower to kill. It was very sad to see her fail over 10 minions in total and be only 2 ahead of the support alistar... Who had 0 minions! Yes, 0. None. Nada. What? At least this proves what I said. No matter your skill, you can achieve the higher ranks in the game IF you have the time and IF you just meet the right opponents or get the right teammates. Or just play long enough. Everything is possible with enough time. Time which I'm not spending in ranked anymore. That's it. I'm out.
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