Ticketing system is not user friendly at all

Dear Riot, This is the second time I had the need to report player behavior and I must say that your ticketing system is really not user friendly and feels to be made in a way to discourage players from submitting tickets. What happened this time was that a player announced during champion select that he will troll because he lost a lot of games prior to that one. He proceed to pick Janna mid with TP and kept spamming how he will troll and go AFK. In order not to endure this game and lose a lot of points I decided to dodge. It's a shame that your system does not punish this kind of behavior and it is up to someone to take one for the team in order to avoid being trolled. I am fine with dodging to save everyone time and nerves but I am disappointed to see how far you are willing to go in order to prevent players to write tickets. In order to stick with summoner code I will not be posting any screen shots here and I will not be naming and shaming but I do hope that you will kindly direct me to the address to which I can send this information to. I am really bothered by the fact that this player who we didn't get to report this time around because of my dodge will go unpunished and proceed to troll in another game. Thank you for your time and thank you for the game you are providing. Kind regards, Moritus
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