Ranked issues

Last season I was Bronze 1 80 LP. This season I lost some promogames (6-4) and ended up in bronze 4. I got to bronze 3 in one day and then i realiesed something. Its really hard to carry your Team if you have 4 feeding player in the team. Last season it was very easy for me to climb from broze 4 to b1 because the teams where almost every game the same elo like you. But NOW you can have IRON players, BRONZE player in your team. This makes it extrem hard to climb because if you have the worse team you strait loose. When I win my lane and my team doesn't have their best game, it's almost impossible to hardcarry your team and the the juicy LP. But if u have good player on your team, it's to easy to win. The reason for this is: YOU'RE NOT PLAYING WITH YOUR SKILLGROUP AND IT DOESN'T FEEL REWARDING TO PLAY RANKED AT ALL! (Because its only luck if you get a good team) Also one issue the LP that u get after a Win is very strange. I won 2 game in a row and the first game I got 23 LP and the other 16.

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