League Isn't Fun Anymore

Hey everyone. First of all, I'm not expecting anyone to read this or even notice this thread, but those who do and read all of it; thanks. Second of all, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. I'm here just to share my thoughts and maybe find some people to talk to. That's all. So I've noticed lately that I can rarely truly have fun with League anymore. It's mostly because I tilt so easily (hence why I'm unranked and don't play ranked anymore.) I don't have the same feeling anymore as I did back when I started which happens with everyone and with every game probably, but it sort of makes me upset. I want to do good and be able to have fun, but there are couple of reasons why I'm unable to do that; the people that I get in my games and tilting because of that. It's no lie that League of Legends community is a toxic piece of trash (few exceptions here and there) and that there's always someone who's gonna ping the sh*t out of you if you miss a skillshot or can't help them and they die. **My teams are the biggest reason why I don't have fun in League of Legends.** There's honestly nothing I can do about it. It doesn't matter how positive I am. It doesn't matter if I try my best. Nothing matters. Not even muting them. I swear someone's still gonna come here, not even reading the post, saying "Mute them." I **CAN'T** get rid of pings even if I mute them. Pings have become a form of toxicity. I'm sure we all know this. "Enemy is missing" isn't an "Enemy is missing" anymore. It has become the equivalent of "What the f*ck was that? You're so bad." You can get reported even if you don't do anything. Had a bad game? Reported for inting. Spent 2 seconds too long at the shop? Reported for AFK. Missed an ult? Reported for unskilled. Oh, wait, they removed that.. WELL GET REPORTED FOR TROLLING THEN! After every bad game I take a small break and go on YouTube. I watch people play League (Gosu, Vertigal, Pokimane, LilyPichu etc) or read my favorite guide on Ahri. It motivates me so much to keep playing because they make the game seem fun and competitive, but every time I enter a game it's like... "Oh, I forgot I'm doomed to play with these toxic Silvers and it's never gonna be different." I know I shouldn't be complaining about the elo I'm playing in, but I feel like it's the most toxic elo you can be in by far... Even in normals. I don't want to play ranked. I have nightmares about entering solo queue. I have no friends to play ranked with anyway that would be around the same skill level as I am. Not saying I'm good at this game by any means, just that I play serious and smart enough when I'm not tilted by my teammates. Either way, League of Legends used to be a fun and enjoyable game, but lately it's pretty much fallen to the bottom of the list when it comes to games that I love playing in my free time. If I'm honest, I only play this game because of Ahri. She's the only champion I have fun playing beside supporting, but I rarely ever support anymore. Reasons mentioned above. So I don't know what to do other than keep playing the game since I still have one reason left to keep me playing it. Thank you, Riot, for making one of the most fun characters in a video game. She makes the game somewhat bearable and enjoyable. {{champion:103}} I don't know what the point of this rant was or if I'm even gonna post it (most likely did if you're reading this.) Just wanna see if there's gonna be any discussion at all about the whole League community thing, because honestly... it makes the game much worse than it actually is. I don't hate League of Legends as a game. I think it's great, but what makes it so bad for me is the toxic angry people who flame you for literally anything.
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