League of what?

Is there verbal abuse in this game? **NOPE** - There is no physical threath that can limit or ruin your lifestyle nor your gameplay. Words can be annoying and disgusting but they can be avoided. Whats the real excuse to ban toxic people? - Banned people are several types of toxic people and thats: rage/negativity towards afk, troll, bad play, not helping(him), hes bad but blames others, he ragequit after dyinf, said the k-s word and etc. Its true that each stereotype deserves punishment but not perma. I think its really cowardly for demanding bans and im pretty sure one check by riot to your accounts and ur prolly not the saints u claim to be. 3 years after this permaban s*** the game is at its worse and most boring state ever. Thanks to the bans theres only cowards who fear bans and peaceful agenda carriers with no real talent in gaming talking like we have equal skill, youve managed to take a real dump on the true diversity of competition and its not riot balance who ruines the game its this community who pretends to be good but its actually hiddenly toxic and jealous of players who are actually there to play the game, and I feel sorry for the decent people out there believing and tolerating ur agenda shi*. This is why I left at the end of s7, and found much better games. For those who are banned and feel pissed off, i suggest the same, just leave this game and find other place to bring ur competitive character to, such as smite, dota, fortnite. Good for you right? Except that when im pissed off and i got time to waste i come to piss people off ingame in lol and youre still gonna ban me when I dont even care lol.
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